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In the late 1990's, Nawaraj Gautam used to collect freshly produced milk from nearby villagers and make sweets from his own hand. Although he used to stay in the village, he used to visit the city early every morning to sell the sweets and pakwans to his customers through his small shop named Gautam Mithai Bhandar. Then, the market was small and there were limited competitors in the market who used to sell the sweets.

Over the years, Gautam Mithai Bhandar has managed to win hearts across the city, with its power of fresh, quality and delicious sweets. With a wide range of sweets and authenticity, Gautam Mithai has strengthened its commitment to bringing true Nepali flavor to its market. Even today, after 25 years of establishment, Gautam Mithai is the first choice of people of all age groups which adds a sweetness to every special occasion.

If you ever visit Banepa, don’t miss the refreshing tea of Gautam Mithai Bhandar as the spot is well known for its tea. They have been selling delightful tea with the unique taste in the town due to which it has become go-to-spot for the tea lovers. Gautam has made an everlasting impression on people of all age groups and professions. The handmade snacks, pakaudas, samosa and other namkeens add value to the tea.

As a second venture, this family business has expanded its operations to Gautam Fastfood and Cafe where they have been delivering healthy foods to its customers meeting the standards and fulfilling the demand.

Today, it's the third generation of the Gautam Family who are looking after all the ventures including Gautam Village Resort. The seniors of the family supports, motivates and encourages their children and grandchildrens to adopt the changes and bring innovation in their business. Dedication and quality service of their ventures has aided to establish Gautam Mithai, Gautam Fastfood and Gautam Village Resort not only as a brand, but also as a trust quality.


Gautam Village Resort Pvt. Ltd. welcomes you offering a home-like ambience which serves as a perfect family destination for you and your loved ones. As we say, “It's not a resort, it's a way of life” it's a resort packed with adventures, best services, peace, greenery and scenery.

Gautam Village Resort located 25 K.M. away from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu which offers Spacious, well-designed, manicured landscape, and natural scenery with perfect taste of healthy foods which will be perfect retreat for your holiday and business visits. Gautam Village Resort offers ambiance, serenity, rejuvenation, entertainment, enjoyment, and happiness. For our customers and guests at the resort, we provide activities like swimming and ziplines.

Looking for a tranquil setting to relax and reenergize? Look no further! The Gautam Village Resort will offer you whatever you desire and give you the finest service possible. The finest in the neighborhood.

Let's visit Gautam Village Resort and explore the surroundings to find out.


Luxury Amenities

We have chosen luxury facilities for our hotel from reliable reputable brands.

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Have special offers to help clients save money and receive special benefits.

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The location of FT is perfect and very central, so it's convinient for moving.

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Our staff are helpful. They respond all questions of clients in a happy way.